A story of an American Hero - Zack Hughes.  Green Beret Retired, Husband, Entrepreneur.  The best of the best.

A story of an American Hero - Zack Hughes. Green Beret Retired, Husband, Entrepreneur. The best of the best.

I'm honored to share with you a story of an American Hero who has put his life on the line to serve our great nation. 
Zack is a former Green Beret who served over in Afghanistan and has made it his mission in life to help other veterans become special operators and help those making the transition from special operations into civilian life and the corporate world/entrepreneurship. 
Zack is a Texas native born and raised in the Fort Worth area and was introduced to the military at a young age through the legacy of his family. 
Since getting out of the Army, Zack has started multiple businesses that include The Operators Association that help individuals train for the grueling tasks ahead of them to successfully maneuver the tryouts.
Became the COO of Elite Meet which is a non-profit that focuses on transitioning out of the teams into corporate America and the business realm after starting as an intern. 
Elite Virtual Staff that helps high performers from around the country place virtual assistants with an amazing qualifying process. 
Zack walks us through what it's like to be around the right tribe and his decision to enlist in the Teams but more specifically the Green Beret's. 
He opens up about how he's made a successful 10 year relationship with his wife Hayley and that TRUST is the number one factor when it comes to being successful with your marriage. 
Zack opens up about his struggles with rehab and having a hip replacement after being injured in battle and what mentality you need to have in order to truly operate at the highest level. 
You'll learn...
The differences between the special operations teams. 
The human component of the military.
The CEO and COO of the household in order to make a marriage work.
When it's time to get "gangster" and be in your shoes when you're home. 
How finding the next mission in imperative but also counting your wins. 
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